Experience the local Venice artistic crafts

With MURANOFRAGILECOLLECTION (TM) Hotel Aquarius Venezia aims to raise awareness the vital momentum that Venice is living – with Venice and for Venice – offering a precious and exclusive, conscious and sustainable shopping experience, that enhances the 100% local excellences.

Hotel Aquarius Venezia proposes a model of hospitality and active welcome attentive to the enhancement of the territory and the people who animate it.

We are committed to offering our guests a stay that is not only comfortable
but above all, a conscious stay, in the name of sustainability and respect for Venice.

Let yourself be guided by Hotel Aquarius Venezia to discover unique experience to live in the heart of the city suspended over the water
that never stops innovating in the name of its secular craftsmanship tradition.

Hotel Aquarius Venezia was born in the heart of Venice probably one among the most visited, seen, cited and immortalized cities of the world but, at the same time, of which are perhaps less know the traditional crafts and artistic excellences that still today create in Venice iconic artifacts of refined and great value.


A city that has witnessed the ourishing of the printing industry, that has inspired, and continues to inspire, every kind of visual and performing arts, that still today entrusts to a few master woodworkers the construction of the gondolas that for centuries have ploughed through the waters of the canals of Venice; that boasts an amazing variety of natural environments – lagoon, sea and land – that man has been able to respect, preserve but also cultivate in spite of the soil conditions considered unsuitable for the products of the earth.

And then the glassmaking tradition, glass as the product of man’s workmanship that for centuries in Murano has been mixing sand, re and soda for the artisanal and artistic – as well as commercial – production of chandeliers, lamps, vases, glasses and jugs, furnishings, and design objects of every shape, color and size using and handing down from father to son, from master to master the same techniques of centuries of tradition.

Only the inspiration of the artists and craftsmen of Murano has never waned, indeed in the last twenty years it has been renewed and revitalized, giving rise to a new course in the history of Murano Glass Art, thanks to the masters who have brought the spectacle of Murano glass to the highest expressive heights in the world, with unsurpassed technical virtuosity.

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