Handcrafted in Murano glass, produced in Murano, Venice, this set features 6 glasses and 1 carafe in transparent aquamarine blown crystal, decorated with silver leaf, black and burgundy glass motifs.

The AQUARIUS logo in black and orange flavour is enameled in fire.

Dimensions Height cm Diameter cm
Glass 11 8
Carafe 23 10

Note: The decorative motifs of the 6 glasses, as well as those of the carafe, are handmade by the glass Master. They are all different from each other and may not correspond to those of the pictures.

Exclusive packaging is handcrafted in black honeycomb cardboard, featuring the Aquarius brand.
Full recyclable, the box has sharp cut joints for inserting shockproof products, removable top for possible display of the Collection and lid closure with technical Dual lock.

The Collection is shipping in protective cardboard packaging colored havana.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 49 × 395 × 13 cm